Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply?

Anyone! Doesn’t matter what faculty or year you are in.

Who can apply: External Vs. Internal Delegate?

For External Delegates, QCIB is looking for passionate individuals across Canada and even across the globe who are interested in attending the conference.

How do I stand out?

Do your research and show us how you would add value to the conference. QCIB was voted Best Conference of 2018, so how would you make 2019 even better. QCIB is looking for individuals passionate for international business and would actively participate throughout the entire conference in case simulations, competitions, speaker events, and networking events.

Do I need to have international work experience?

No, you do not. If you do PLEASE highlight in your application and talk more about your experience and how it impacted your interest for international business.

Who can I contact with questions/ concerns?

Kristin (External Delegates Coordinator):

Melissa (Internal Delegates Coordinator):