About QCIB

Who Can Apply?

Undergraduate students from any university are eligible to apply.  It doesn’t matter what faculty or year you are in.

When do Delegate Applications open?

Internal applications (Queen’s students) open November 13th and are due November 20th. 

External applications open November 13th and are due November 24.

Do I have to be a student at Queen’s University to apply?

No you do not!  In fact, 30% of our delegates every year come from external Canadian and global universities. QCIB is looking for passionate individuals across Canada and the globe who are interested in attending the conference.

Many universities provide students with bursaries to attend conferences like QCIB. Please contact your school to see if you can receive sponsorship to attend our conference.

How do I make my delegate application stand out?

Do your research! Browse our website, Facebook Page, and Instagram. Tell us how us how you would add value to our 2020 conference. QCIB was voted Best Conference of 2018, so tell us how would you make 2020 even better.

QCIB is looking for individuals passionate for international business and would actively participate throughout the entire conference in case simulations, competitions, speaker events, and networking events. We want delegates that are eager and willing to engage with sponsors and other delegates.

Do I need to have international work experience to attend the conference?

No, you do not. If you do PLEASE highlight in your application and talk more about your experience and how it impacted your interest for international business.

How much does QCIB cost to attend as a delegate?

QCIB’s delegate fee varies by year. Delegate fees include 3 nights at a 5-star hotel in Toronto, all food and drink, events, office visits, case competitions, networking sessions, and socials. The fee will be communicated to delegates at the time of application release.

Who are the companies sponsoring QCIB?

QCIB has many corporate sponsors from 4 streams: finance, accounting, consulting, and marketing. Some of our notable past sponsors include HSBC, Nestle, RBC, Deloitte, EDC, MNP, Starbucks, KPMG, and Walmart.

The QCIB 2020 Sponsors will be announced in the weeks leading up to the conference.

What is QCIB’s 2020 Theme?

The conference theme for 2020 is “Agility and Adaptation”. QCIB is inviting corporate leaders to discuss the fast changing global landscape and disruption to traditional businesses. QCIB will focus on preparing young business leaders for the future and identifying the necessary skills to succeed in their industry of choice.

Who can I contact with questions/ concerns?

You can contact our delegates coordinators for questions related to Applications

Jane Hutchings (External Delegates Coordinator): jane.hutchings@qcib.ca

Melissa Baker (Internal Delegates Coordinator): melissa.baker@qcib.ca

Alternatively, you can contact us here.