Meet our 2020 Executive Team

Amanda Grice


Favourite City: Barcelona, Spain

Bio: Amanda is a 4th year student in the Queen's Commerce Program. Originally from Mississauga, ON, Amanda has always been interested in global issues and international business. Having just returned from a semester abroad in Barcelona, she has gained an appreciation for travel and different cultures. Amanda has been involved with QCIB since her first day of university - having served as the Frosh Representative, Speakers Coordinator, and Sponsorship Director over the years, she is excited to use her past experience to take QCIB 2020 to new heights!

Simone Aria


Caitlynn Leupolt

Logistics Coordinator

Favourite City: Capri, Italy

Growing up in the small town of Schomberg Caitlynn has always had a dream to take her future international! As 3rd year student in the Queen's Commerce program, Caitlynn looks forward to going on exchange to Singapore, and exploring her passion for international business there. She joined QCIB as Speaker's Coordinator last year, and is now one of this year's Logistics Coordinators. Caitlynn is excited to make QCIB 2020 the most exciting one yet!

Phil Cote

Logistics Coordinator

Favourite City: Prague, Czech Republic

Phil (short for Philippe) is a second-year commerce student born and raised in Montreal. An avid Habs fan, he loves it when they beat the Maple Leafs and he can rub it in everyone’s face. Having gone to French school for 7 years, Phil decided to come to Queen’s in order to meet new people and expand his network. Having always had a passion for travelling, he hopes to be able to mix it in with his career by working abroad. He loved his time on QCIB as the Frosh Representative and hopes to keep improving the conference as logistics coordinator this time around.

Sienna Riley

Sponsorship Director

Born in the suburb of Eu de kerk aan de amstel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Sienna has grown up in many places. Her family moved to Portland, Oregon when she was 7, Oakville, Ontario when she was 13, Etobicoke this past summer, and she currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having travelled to an additional 22 countries, Sienna is ecstatic to incorporate her very mobile childhood into her work at Queen's as the Sponsorship Director on QCIB!

Nicholas Cormier

Sponsorship Coordinator

Raphael Faiola

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: St-Nom-La-Breteche, France

Raphael is a second year student in the Queen's commerce program. Raphael was born in London (U.K) and lived in Paris (France) for 13 years. After moving to Toronto at the age of 14, Raphael realized the vast opportunities that working with different cultures in foreign environments offered. Raphael is currently applying to go on exchange next year and has a strong interest in Southeast Asia. As a sponsorship coordinator, this is Raphael’s first year on the executive team and he is thrilled to make QCIB 2020 the most memorable one yet.

Hannah Buckho

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: Florence, Italy

Hannah is currently completing her second year at the Smith School of Business. Starting from a young age, Hannah has always been interested in exploring new countries and cultures through travel. Now, as a sponsorship coordinator for QCIB, she is grateful for the opportunity to expand her passion and knowledge in international business. She couldn't be more excited about her exchange and the upcoming QCIB conference!

Finn Price

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Finn is a 2nd year student at Queen's Commerce. Born in Vancouver, BC, Finn had the pleasure of living in Santiago, Chile for two years. While there he attended an international school and was able to meet people from all over the world. He is looking forward to going on exchange next year and is currently looking at somewhere in Europe. This is Finn's first year on QCIB and he is super excited to be on the planning and organizing side of an amazing conference.

Emily Johnstone

Marketing Director

Favourite City: Bergen, Norway

Emily is a fourth year student in the Queen's Commerce Program. Last semester, Emily spent her free time hiking and skiing on exchange in Bergen, Norway where she also had the opportunity to explore the rest of Europe. This opportunity allowed her to gain a new perspective on life and business by exploring various cultures. Emily has always been very passionate about travelling and international business, so her first involvement with QCIB was as a delegate. Now, she can continue to explore and share this passion as Marketing Director of QCIB 2020.

Danica Deverill

Publications Director

Favourite City: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Born and raised in the small town of Cambridge, Ontario, Danica is currently in her second year of Queen’s Commerce and loving all the extracurricular experiences the program has to offer. With a passion for travel and giving back to the community, she looks forward to attending her second service trip to Antigua, Guatemala, in the winter of 2020. With a lifetime of experience playing competitive squash, Danica has had many opportunities to travel across Europe and make connections with people from a variety of different cultures. She hopes to continue building upon her global experiences and is very excited to contribute all that she can as a first-time executive member on QCIB.

Matt Furnish

Content Director

Sandra Kudyba

Speakers Director

Favourite City: Wroclaw, Poland

Although born in Calgary, Sandra’s Polish roots shine through in her love for pierogis. As a third year in Queen’s Commerce, Sandra brings her international background to the QCIB team as the Speakers Director. Having been a speakers coordinator last year, Sandra is excited to bring new keynotes to the conference to share their experiences working in international business. In the new year, Sandra will be off to pursue her own international aspirations as an exchange student in Switzerland.

Lexi Drope

Speakers Coordinator

Dylan Henderson

Speakers Coordinator

Favourite City: London, UK

Dylan is a 2nd year student in the Queen's Commerce Program. Dylan was born in London, UK and has moved between NYC and Toronto 4 different times. From this experience Dylan has always had a keen interest for International Buisness. Dylan looks forward to international exchange next year. This is Dylan's first year on QCIB as speakers coordinator he could not be more excited for QCIB 2020.

Jane Hutchings

External Delegates Coordinator

Favourite City: Tuscany, Italy

Born and raised on the ``rock`` (Newfoundland), Jane loves the east coast lifestyle. She is in her third year in the Queen's Commerce program and is looking forward to her winter exchange in Vienna, Austria. Jane has always loved music and had the opportunity to visit and perform in Spain, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy. You can say that her claim to fame was singing for Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome. As delegates coordinator, Jane is excited to work with all the delegates from across the country to make an unforgettable experience!

Melissa Baker

Internal Delegates Coordinator

Favourite City: Paris, France

Mel is a 3rd year student in the Queen's Commerce program. Growing up in downtown Toronto with Italian roots, Mel has always had an appreciation for different cultures. Melissa has a North American perspective on business as half her family lives and works in the US. Melissa Is looking forward to going on exchange in Australia next semester further her interest in business, international travel and sunshine!

Julia Falzone

Finance Director

Favourite City: Sorrento, Italy

Julia is a 3rd year student in the Queen’s Commerce Program, born an raised in Toronto, ON. Her aspirations to work internationally, travel, and experience a wide variety of cultures have led her to join the QCIB executive as this year's Finance Director. Julia is excited to take her studies international in January, where she will be completing a semester exchange in Madrid, Spain and travelling throughout Europe.

Jack Laskey

Case Comp Coordinator

Callum Bayley

Case Comp Coordinator

Nicholas Wlodek

Technology Director

Favourite City: Brussels, Belgium

Nic is a fourth-year student at Queen’s University studying Computer Science. Being born in Brussels, Belgium and moving to Cambridge, Ontario at a relatively young age, Nic quickly understood the pleasure of growing up and learning in different cultures. Nic recently finished a full year internship at IBM and is eager to be going back full-time for the Summit program in July. Prior to starting his full-time position at IBM, he plans to travel for a few months, covering Asia to Australia and eventually Hawaii. This is Nic’s second year on QCIB and he is very excited to see the inspiration and success the delegates can get out of the conference.

Melissa Losier

Alumni Coordinator

Favourite City: Paris, France

Coming all the way from Oakville, Ontario is Mel, a 3rd year student in the Queen's Commerce Program. Starting off on the executive team as Sponsorship Coordinator and now Alumni Director, Mel has realized her passion for international business. She is very excited to be going to the Netherlands for exchange and hopes to work abroad in the future. She is looking forward to this years conference and can't wait to see whats in store!

Holly Seliga

Socials Coordinator

Michael Schulhof

Frosh Rep

Favourite City: Lahaina, Maui

Michael is a first year student in the Queen's Commerce Program. From his home town of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Michael has been exposed to many businesses that have various operations spanning throughout the globe. For his first year on QCIB as a frosh representative, Michael looks forward to expanding his knowledge in international business and is excited to see the hard work from this exec come to life during QCIB's 2020 conference!

Katie Durnford

Socials Coordinator

Favourite City: London, England

Katie is a first year student in the Queen’s Commerce Program. Katie was born in London, England but soon after moved back to Toronto with her family. Her roots outside of North America fostered a curiosity within her to travel and explore different cultures. So, she spent her grade 12 year studying abroad and had the amazing opportunity of visiting various countries within Europe as well as Kenya in Africa! This experience allowed Katie to realize that she is very keen to work abroad in the future. Katie can’t wait to learn more about careers in the international sector at the conference and looks forward to making this QCIB’s best year yet!