Meet our 2021 Executive Team

Phil Cote


Favourite City: Prague, Czech Republic

Phil (short for Philippe) is a third-year Commerce student born and raised in Montreal. An avid Habs fan, he likes to remind people that the Maple Leafs are terrible. Always passionate about travelling, he’s excited about the opportunity to mix it in with his career by working around the globe. He’s loved his time on QCIB as First-year representative and Logistics coordinator these past two years. As Co-chair, he’s excited about QCIB’s first virtual conference!

Caitlynn Leupolt


Favourite City: Singapore

Caitlynn is a fourth-year Commerce student who got involved with QCIB as soon as she could. First attending as a delegate, she then moved onto Speakers ad Logistics Coordinator roles before becoming Co-Chair. Caitlynn has always been interested in taking her career international, but after spending a semester in Singapore for exchange, she knows this is no longer a dream but a necessity. Sad to see her time on QCIB coming to an end, she is determined to make this year's virtual conference one to be remembered.

Simone Aria

Senior Advisor

Favourite City: Milan, Italy

Simone is a fourth year student in the Queen's Commerce Program. Although she was born and raised here in Canada, she has always had a passion for international business and global affairs - originally joining QCIB as one of the Frosh Representatives in her first year, and serving as one of the Co-Chairs in 2020. Last year Simone (briefly) when on exchange at Bocconi University in Milan, which she hopes to one day visit again! She is thrilled to kick off her final semester at Queen's with an incredible 2021 conference!

Jane Hutchings

Logistics Coordinator

Favourite City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jane is a fourth year commerce student born and bred in St. John’s, Newfoundland (a.k.a the rock). As a passionate Newfoundlander, you can catch Jane with her comedic jokes about living on an island her whole life or teaching people how to use the term “by’s.” Jane was excited to go to the mainland and meet new people. Since coming to Queen’s she joined QCIB where she met an amazing group of people. In second year she attended the conference as a delegate and in third year she was external delegates coordinator (where she had Newfoundlanders in attendance). Now, she is logistics coordinator alongside the lovely Callum Bayley.

Callum Bayley

Logistics Coordinator

Favourite City: Barcelona, Spain

Cal is a third-year commerce student born and raised in beautiful Mississauga. A born and bred Leafs fan, he is loyal to his hometown but has a deep passion for international travel he is looking forward to going on exchange to Madrid. Cal came to Queen's to grow and expand his horizons and find opportunities that will take him across the globe. He joined QCIB last year as a Case Competition Coordinator and is now one of this year's Logistics Coordinators. Cal is excited to help showcase what the executive team has put together for QCIB, even in the face of once in a lifetime obstacles!

Hannah Buchko

Sponsorship Director

Favourite City: Florence, Italy

Hannah is a third-year commerce student at Queen's University. After being born and raised in Ancaster, Ontario, Hannah pursued her passion for learning and business in Kingston. Here, Hannah has been able to continue her love for running and expanding her network. As an enthusiastic traveller, Hannah hopes to combine her love for international business with a future career abroad. She is excited to study abroad in Belgium during her fourth and final year at Queen's!

Melissa Baker

Partnerships Director

Favourite City: Capri, Italy

Mel is a fourth-year commerce student born and raised in Toronto. Her Italian roots bring out her passion for cooking and she loves to experiment with new recipes from all around the world. The most rewarding part of cooking these meals is the conversation that surrounds them at the dinner table. Mel loves is perpetually curious about the world around her and hopes to combine her passion for travel and business in the near future. She has loved her time on QCIB for the past two years and was fortunate to be this years Partnership Director.

Yuliya Sonko

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: Queenstown, New Zealand

Yuliya is a second-year commerce student born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. Being an avid traveler and always seeking new experiences, she took an opportunity to move to Canada to continue her education here at the age of 15. She loves playing rugby, tennis and snowboarding, as well as hiking abroad (Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand is one of her all time favorites). Coming from an international background, Yuliya joined QCIB team in hopes to provide a different perspective, and to keep improving the conference.

Lauren Delano

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: Split, Croatia

Lauren is a third-year commerce student hailing from Mississauga, ON. She has been coming to the conference for the past two years, and came aboard the executive team this year to get better insight on the sponsors and company representatives that support QCIB. Lauren is an avid traveller, and hopes to work in Europe for a few years after graduation!

Ishaan Shah

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: Singapore

Ishaan is a second-year commerce student born and raised in Mumbai, India. He loves watching soccer and is a huge Manchester United fan. He is an avid traveller and has visited over 13 countries. He decided to come to Canada in 2019 to meet people of different cultures and from all over the world.

Matt Furnish

Sponsorship Coordinator

Favourite City: Brussels, Belgium

Matt is a 3rd year Commerce student born and raised in Toronto. As an entrepreneur, Matt hopes to own his business one day on a global scale. Matt decided to come to Queen’s based off its well known work-life balance, along with its strong academic reputation. In the past, Matt was a Frosh Rep and Content Manager for the Gold Standard. This year, Matt is one of QCIB’s sponsorship coordinators.

Lexi Drope

Speakers Director

Favorite City: Capri, Italy

Lexi Drope is currently a third-year student in the commerce program at Queen’s. Growing up attending a french international school, Lexi developed a passion for language at a young age, pushing her to learn both French and Spanish. In her spare time, she enjoys staying active, being engaged in the community, and speaking with and meeting new people. Next Fall, Lexi is looking forward to (hopefully) studying at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Lexi’s passions for language and exploring the world have sparked her passion and interest international business. Beyond university, Lexi is aiming to pursue her CPA designation. Lexi has really enjoyed her time last year as a Speakers Coordinator on QCIB, and now as Speakers Director, and is really looking forward to this year’s conference!

Katie Durnford

Speakers Coordinator

Favourite City: Copenhagen, Denmark

Katie is a second year commerce student who was born in London, England but has lived in Toronto for most of her life. Katie is very passionate about travelling and hopes to pursue a career abroad in the future. This passion is what enticed Katie to join QCIB as frosh rep in 1st year, which has been her best decision since coming to Queen’s. In her current role of speakers coordinator, Katie is excited to organize a diverse line up of panelists & keynotes to ensure QCIB 2021 is a success!

Michael Schulhof

Speakers Coordinator

Favourite City: Lahaina, Hawaii

Michael is a second year commerce student who was born and raised in Vancouver BC. He enjoys his time outdoors either in the ocean surfing or on the mountains skiing or dirt biking. Having a love for travelling and business, Michael hopes to incorporate that into his career post-graduation by working in a country outside of North America. He’s thoroughly enjoyed his time on QCIB as last year’s Frosh Representative, and he hopes to become a more integral part of the conference as a speakers coordinator this year.

Raphael Faiola

Speakers Coordinator

Favourite City: Versailles, France

Raph (short for Raphael) is a third year commerce student at Queen’s. Born in London, raised in the outskirts of Paris for 14 years, and now residing in Toronto, Raph’s global background has shaped his love for international opportunities. Growing up with the dream to be an airline pilot, Raph is still passionate about having an international career and now wishes to achieve the role of expatriate. He hopes to share his passion as a QCIB speakers coordinator and he looks forward to bringing some of the most exciting speakers the conference has yet to hear to QCIB 2021.

Danica Deverill

Marketing Director

Favourite City: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Born and raised in the small town of Cambridge, Ontario, Danica is currently in her third year of Queen’s Commerce and loving all the extracurricular experiences the program has to offer. With a passion for travel and giving back to the community, she has attended two service trips during her time at university. With a lifetime of experience playing competitive squash, Danica has had many opportunities to travel across Europe and make connections with people from a variety of different cultures. As a returning executive member within the marketing portfolio, she hopes to continue building upon her global experiences as well as the QCIB brand.

Madeleine Griffith

Content Manager

Favourite City: London, England

Madeleine is a 3rd year student in the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program. Madeleine was born in the USA and has since lived in the London, England and Toronto. Madeleine is passionate about International Affairs and is involved in many clubs on campus besides QCIB such as QIAA and QMUNi. Madeleine is exploring her passion and plans on working abroad post-grad. As Content Manager, this is Madeleine's first year on the executive team and she could not be more excited to work towards an excellent conference.

Sam Ghazal

Brand Manager

Favourite City: Philadelphia, USA

Sam is a third-year commerce student and has lived all across North America. Despite being Canadian she will ``throw hands`` if someone mentions the current state of any Philadelphia sports team. She plans to move to Europe after Queen's to work in the fashion industry. She is the brand manager for QCIB and is excited to use her creativity to promote the 2021 conference.

Chris King

Case Comp Coordinator

Favourite City: Istanbul, Turkey

Chris is a third-year political science student with a certificate in business from Vancouver, British Columbia. Chris attended QCIB 2020 as a delegate to supplement his knowledge of international business, further his network, and gain insight on a career abroad. Having loved his experience at the conference, Chris is now a case competition coordinator for QCIB, and hopes to leverage his time on the executive team to pursue a career which takes him around the world.

Julia Falzone

Case Comp Coordinator

Favourite City: Milan, Italy

Julia is a fourth-year commerce student born and raised in Toronto. After attending QCIB as a delegate two years ago, she joined the QCIB executive last year as Finance Director and now takes the position of Case Competition Coordinator. Earlier this year she went on a short but sweet academic exchange to Madrid, Spain where she was surrounded by good food, international friends & music. Her favourite part was travelling around Europe and immersing herself in new cultures, which she hopes to do much more of post-graduation!

Sebastian Wakefield

Technology Director

Favourite City: Cancun, Mexico

Sebastian is a second-year computing student born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He is an avid meditator and loves to challenge both his mental and physical limits. As a huge boxing fan at heart, he has been boxing competitively for 4 years now. His favourite fighter being the pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez. Having a love for the intersection between business and technology is one of the main reasons he joined QCIB, as he looks forward to using his programming skills to analyze business markets.

Nick Cormier

Delegates Coordinator

Favourite City: Lagos, Portugal

Nick (short for Nicholas) is a fourth-year Commerce student born in New York and raised in New Brunswick. As an avid Leafs fan, he loves when they beat the Habs so that he can rub it in Phil's face. He went to Bishop's College School in Quebec, where he became passionate about business. This past year, Nick had the opportunity of going on exchange to Singapore Management University and travel around Asia for the first time. He loves learning about international business.

Sam Lampert

Delegates Coordinator

Favourite City: Paris, France

Sam is a third-year Commerce student from Toronto. After attending QCIB two years in a row as a delegate, Sam recently joined the executive team this past March as the external delegates coordinator. With a passion for travel, Sam hopes to pursue an international career down the road. In his spare time, Sam enjoys watching sports with friends, listening to music, and has recently gotten into golf - but is yet to break 100. Sam loved his experience as a delegate at QCIB and is extremely excited to make the delegate experience even better at QCIB 2021!

Finn Price

Finance Director

Favourite City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Finn is a third year student at Queen's Commerce. Born in Vancouver, BC, Finn had the pleasure of living in Santiago, Chile for two years. While there he attended an international school and was able to meet people from all over the world. Through living abroad, Finn loves to travel. Some of his favourite places he has visited include Myanmar, Easter Island and Machu Picchu. This is Finn's second year on QCIB and he is super excited to see how the team is able to pivot to put on an amazing conference online.

Sienna Riley

Alumni Director

Favourite City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Born in the suburb of Eu de Kerk aan de Amstel (The Netherlands), Sienna has grown up in a few different cities- including Lake Oswego, Oregon and the famous Vancouver, Canada. Having also participated in an international exchange in Zurich, Switzerland, Sienna is no stranger to international business and is excited to incorporate her expertise as this year's Alumni Director. Having previously been Sponsorship Director on QCIB, Sienna is sad to have this as her last year on the club and looks forward to being an active alum in years to come. Please reach out to her if you have any questions as alumni relating to the conference!

Melissa Losier

Special Events Coordinator

Favourite City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Melissa (or Mel) is a fourth-year commerce student from Oakville. Her favourite pastimes include hanging out with her friends and drinking lots of coffee. Mel also loves travelling and enjoyed her semester abroad last year in Europe. She has been on QCIB since her first year at Queen's and loves what the club has to offer! As this year's special events coordinator, she hopes to bring a boost of energy and excitement to QCIB 2021's virtual conference!

Dylan Henderson

Special Events Coordinator

Favourite City: New York City, USA

Dylan is a third year commerce student born in London, UK and has moved between NYC and Toronto 5 times. Attended a boarding school for the majority of his life and enjoys playing lacrosse. Decided to come to Queen's so that I could learn more about business at one of the best universities in Canada. After attending the conference in first year fell in love with the exec. In second year I was a speakers coordinator and now organize special events.

Jacob Woodhouse

First-Year Representative

Favourite City: Newcastle, Australia

Jacob is a first-year Queen's Commerce student who has grown up in the small cottage town of Buckhorn, Ontario. He has taken the past year off for a gap year to pursue some travel goals. He volunteered out in Lake Louise, Alberta for a while and then flew out to Australia and backpacked the east-coast. He has always had a passion for international business and making connections worldwide. Jacob is a Frosh Representative on the exec and is hoping to help/learn from the other team members!

Terry Su

First-Year Representative

Favourite City: Paris, France

Terry is a first-year commerce student from Vancouver, British Columbia. With a strong passion for music and fashion, he can always be found jamming on his guitar or obsessing over new styles. Terry chose to study at Queen's to gain valuable skill sets and connections to pursue his goals in the business world. Despite still trying to adjust to the weather here, he is always down to have a blast while meeting new people. As the Frosh representative, he seeks to learn more about the global business network while helping create a memorable conference experience.